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Let’s be honest, you’ve wanted to train your own AI ever since you heard about it. Well, the wait ends here!
#ParOne, showcases a world-first, whereby young learners in schools will train AI models powering their GolfBots using a custom neural network.
The Low Down
Train your GolfBot’s AI to reach Pro Golfer status. Compete on a custom mini-course at the #ParOne Invitational Classic. Celebrate Innovation, Tolerance and Golf!
The Steps
Receive STEAMathalon Kit
Design GolfBot Persona
Make, train and test GolfBot A.I
Enagage fans and heroes around the world
Test your GolfBot on the practice mini course
Compete on a custom 9 hole mini course
Celebrate success and spread tolerance
* STEAMathalon Kits are limited, registration does not guarantee entry. One Kit per school, one team per Kit.
The Who
GRADE 7, 8 or 9
Up to 6 learners per team
Innovators, creators and the makers
1 team per school
Learners in your classroom can support the offical team
The Winners
Expert judges, community votes and social interaction combine to decide winners in categories ranging from creativity to sportsmanship to STEAMathalon pro level. Super prizes for all the best efforts across the fairway for educators and the team will be announced soon.
The Dates
AI Workshop @ KHDA
Fan Interactions Tee-Off
P1 STEAMathalon
Start the STEAMathalon adventure by registering NOW
Let's Go!
The Friends
Intelligence Partner
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